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Academia Adds RSS Feed to Their Teaching Toolkit
Google Reader

RSS Activity  

We will use Google Reader as our RSS "feed aggregator." It's pretty simple, though there are several steps to setting it up to work for you and your students. Those are below these directions:

    Please set up an account with Google and learn how to add feeds to the Google Reader. Then, find and subscribe to 3 sites that have content of interest to you professionally. There are a number of ways to find sites that are updated regularly that may be valuable to your teaching. One way is to search in Google with a string such as this: math news rss (substitute your subject or specific topic for "math").

Here is a great step-by-step created by Aussie-blogger Meg Tsiamis (thanks for posting this, Meg!) in 2 parts:
Online: "How to Set-up Google Reader"   or download the PDF below
Online: "How to Add New Feeds to Google Reader"  or download the PDF below

google reader setup
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adding feeds
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