Podcasting in Your Classroom

There are many ways to use podcasts in the classroom. This one is a simple lesson of exploration.
podcast image from http://www.flippingwebestate.com/2007/07/27/free-blogging-tips-darren-rowse-yaro-starak/

Go to this link: http://edcommunity.apple.com/ali/story.php?itemID=11850&version=2747&pageID=6988
Find the section of Eagen High School Honors Chemistry and click the Subscribe link. This will open your iTunes and load a series of podcasts created by high school chemistry students. Listen to several of the short ones and evaluate the content. Formulate a general reaction to the idea of having students use podcasts to exhibit their learning in creative ways. Write your reaction briefly in an email and send it to me at koelkest@spsd.org. I'll post it in our blog for others in the class to read.

How To: Podcasting with Garageband - simple step-by-step in Koelker English

Garageband Podcasting - more complete pdf file of steps

Tech-Ease: Video Tutorials - A nice series on all the nuts and bolts of using Garageband for podcasting.