Levels of Technology Integration

LoTi - http://www.loticonnection.com/lotilevels.html
Site with a complete matrix of tech integration indicators

Technology Integration Matrix - http://fcit.usf.edu/matrix/index.html
University of South Florida's very complete matrix of technology integration

Koelker's (Simplified) Levels of Technology Integration

1 - YOU use technology to do tasks you've always done.
    Examples: typing worksheets/assessments; communicating with colleagues and parents

2 - YOU use technology to augment YOUR instruction.
    Examples: using Internet resources for information to use in a lesson;  using online text resources

3 - STUDENTS in your classes use technology to understand some of your instruction or to complete simple assigned tasks.
    Examples: assignments posted online; gradebook online; United Streaming or other online videos to accompany a lesson; word processing, simple desktop publishing, simple displays of information

4 - STUDENTS in your classes use technology to learn and display their learning.
    Examples: online research into real-world problems involves students even outside of class time; collaborative learning involves other learners removed from the local school; technology-assisted products/presentations are developed and shared with authentic audiences