Welcome to blogging for the Cross-School Seminar. This blog is a place for all of us to post some thoughts and reactions while we learn about one of the most important new sources of information available online. While blogs are most often public journals with a single author, ours will demonstrate how a blog might be used with a group of learners to share information.

For a great site on blogging for the classroom visit Educational Blogging 101 - a wiki (we'll get to that, too) about blogging in school. Lots of very good links there. Note especially The Daily D on the link to Class blogs.

To keep this one organized for the entire class, I'll be posting a prompt before each session to which you will reply or "comment." It will be interesting to see how each of our voices comes out here even though we will be able to talk to one another in our sessions.



Margaret Maxwell

Tue, 12 Feb 2008 07:38:49

Hi, I do think this article is a bit overstated.
If indeed there are more college graduates and engineers being educated, will there be enough jobs to sustain this focus? If technology is surpassing the learning curve of humanity, we may be on a fast crash to overload.

A bit of Orwell here.


Alex Downs

Tue, 12 Feb 2008 07:38:54

Thomas Friedman is equating learning to learn with enthusiasm for learning. I agree that the second is an important component of the first, but I'm not sure that they are the same thing. Certainly, in these days of rampant testing, enthusiasm seems to be draining rapidly from a child's experience in school.



Tue, 12 Feb 2008 07:42:16

Well being an art teacher, there are many useful tools for us to help the creative process along. I would love to regularly use Photoshop in my class, alas you need to purchase licenses and the computers with it available are most often booked up. I look at the technology as a useful tool, but also as a medium through which students can help to develop a creative voice (if they identify with the interface better than with a paintbrush or a torch) I would like my own digital lab, but am happy to work within the software, web blocks, and the learning I have to do in order to better instruct my students.
Our library does not have a lot of art books, so most of the work I show is downloaded from museum websites, and I can project these large with music. I love this!
I want to learn more, do more....the article
is relevant. We do need to focus on growing learners who are enthusiastic problem solvers.


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