First Prompt 01/31/2008

This blog serves as a place to interact around various prompts related to information and communication technology (ICT). To add your thoughts, click the Comments link above this post (entry) and type. Be sure to add your name at the end of your comments.

Please briefly describe your personal connections with technology - successes, challenges, or concerns - and your expectations for this seminar.




Mon, 03 Mar 2008 06:37:28

I teach several technology courses at SPHS, including some that I created and designed the curriculum for (Flash Programming and Media Literacy). I've had extensive work with students and technology and two of the biggest challenges I see include finding ways to diversify technology courses with different materials (not always just having them work, work, work on the computers!), and having faculty understand the relevance and importance of certain lessons in my courses (like: why are you letting students play video games?! What's the point of that! Etc)

I usually go to other co-workers to find the answers and solutions.

My expectations of this seminar include bouncing ideas off of other peoples' brains.



Mon, 03 Mar 2008 06:39:33

Besides having my students do research and then showing them some online videos in my class, I feel that I don't use technology enough in my classroom. I would love to create a website/blog place for students to find their homework assignments, as well as be able to blog about books we've read and elaborate on deeper thinking ideas that we may not go into in class. I feel that I have a lot I can do, I just don't quite know where to start.
Thanks!!!! ~ Melody :-)


Claudia Elwell

Mon, 03 Mar 2008 06:40:47

I want to be able to post homework or my assignments on the web in case students were absent. I also would like to be able to create a Spanish web-site where students can go and see the things they going to learn ahead of time.
I want to learn how to create an e-portfolio.


Erica Beaule

Mon, 03 Mar 2008 06:41:17

Technology is part of my everyday life. I am very familiar with the basics and in some cases more than that. I am anxious to learn some different strategies to incorporate into my classes and hope to technologically connect with my students.


Caroline Roberge

Mon, 03 Mar 2008 06:42:15

I use technology on a daily basis at school and home and have been for several years. It can be challenging in the classroom to keep all students on task but once parameters, guildelines and expectations have been determined with students it is very successful.

From this seminar, I would like to acquire new skills for classroom technology integration. I would like new ideas to share with students and ideas for new lesson plans for myself. How can I make the time students spend online and with computers in class the most productive.


Mon, 03 Mar 2008 06:43:47

For many years now I have been trying to help students integrate the use of computer based technology tools into their work. I often find that today's students, although thoroughly saturated in computer use, are often quite illiterate once we have left the common ground of web/email/texting, word processing, or slideshows.

The challenge is to help students, peers, and often myself, take the time to learn new technologies, understand their relevance, and discover a way to use the tool to solve a problem.


EJ Gaudet

Mon, 03 Mar 2008 06:44:16

Technology became a foundation to my philosophy of teaching many years ago. I remember when the first Apple IIe showed up in our school. Through many trials and experiments I have to come to believe that technology holds a key to being able to move toward a more student centered classroom culture. At the same time technology offers a tool that can make transparent the walls that separate disciplines and offers new ways of solving new problems.


Tue, 01 Apr 2008 07:58:56

Interesting article! Makes me stop and think now of what information I will have my students research and look more at their views and comments. Now I have a way to inform them on accessing info. on the meta-web.


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