Welcome to blogging for the Cross-School Seminar. This blog is a place for all of us to post some thoughts and reactions while we learn about one of the most important new sources of information available online. While blogs are most often public journals with a single author, ours will demonstrate how a blog might be used with a group of learners to share information.

For a great site on blogging for the classroom visit Educational Blogging 101 - a wiki (we'll get to that, too) about blogging in school. Lots of very good links there. Note especially The Daily D on the link to Class blogs.

To keep this one organized for the entire class, I'll be posting a prompt before each session to which you will reply or "comment." It will be interesting to see how each of our voices comes out here even though we will be able to talk to one another in our sessions.



03/03/2008 06:35

Hey Steve,
Nice blog (showoff!)

Loved the movie.


skip capone.
03/03/2008 06:37

Looking forward to improving my technology application - websites development and power point

Randy Inosencio
03/03/2008 06:39

I find myself often frustrated when it comes to computer technology. Like my students, I might shut down when conversations on computers arise. With this seminar I am hoping to become more familiar with computers so that I can be more comfortable when it comes time to use technology in the classroom.

03/03/2008 06:40

I am fairly new to technology being used as a classroom tool. I learned how to write computer programs back in th 1980s but never used those in an educational setting. I just started using ppt presentations in the past year and like being able to pop a picture up on the screen when we run across a cultural point in class. I hope to develop a web page and find some ways to use technology as an interactive connection with students.

John Suttie
03/03/2008 06:41

I use technology in my coaching more than in teaching. Mostly in breaking down digital video and creating practice scripts. I use the internet everyday for information (news etc.) but very little in my PE classes. No major challenges, I can usually learn what I need to know, but I am a novice in how to apply it to my teaching.

03/03/2008 06:42

I do not use a lot of technology in my professional life. I do however use it in my personal life. I keep track of our family budget online and with a self created spread sheet. I use the internet quite often. I also try to teach my own children through the internet. At school, many of my students are performing on a pre-kindergarten level (I teach high school). My students are predominantly concrete thinkers, and if they can not touch or hold something in their hands , they are unable to understand a concept. I would like to be able to integrate more technology in my classroom, but am unsure where to begin for my level of students.

03/03/2008 06:42

I have been a technology teacher for 22 years ... teaching at the high school level, in a vocational school where I learned with my students how to run network cables, setup servers, and created the entire computer network for the vocational school. After 8 years of being the "tech guru" and being pulled from my classes constantly to fix computer problems in the building I switched to SPHS where I have been the Career Prep Department Chair.

I have taught a variety of technology courses including Computer Applications, Video Productions, Photoshop, Web Design .... and have added units of technology into my Accounting I course.

As the yearbook advisor, our entire yearbook is technology based. Gone are the days of using quad packs and pencils. We create our layouts online and students upload their photographs and stories to the Jostens website.

This year I am the President of the Eastern Business Education Association ... the theme of my upcoming convention will be how technology can put Business Education teachers back into the drivers seat if they are willing to take the iniative of learning new skills and going beyond being a Word Processing teacher.

Just in case I get bored at night, I also teach IT100 (Introduction to Technology) for Southern New Hampshire University.

Lauren Cyr
03/03/2008 06:44

The laptops we have received this year have been a godsend making preparing for classes so much easier, department work a breeze, classroom management with the addition of Infinite Campus much more effective. With all of this behind me I think I'm ready to begin integrating with my classroom lessons. It's exciting and I'm looking forward to getting started!


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